BudgetPal gains today’s widget
As promised, the new version of BudgetPal brings a nice addition, a quick glance to your monthly expenses, incomes and balance on your Notification Center.   Read More
BudgetPal 2.0 is out there!
Here it comes, brand new re-design from scratch of one of our best applications out there, BudgetPal. Enjoy the iTunes video preview. [video width="376" height="670" mp4="http://www.absolutelyios.com/wp-content/uploads/App-Preview-8.1-Half-Size.mp4" preload="auto" poster="http://www.absolutelyios.com/wp-content/uploads/4.7_home.png"][/video]   BudgetPal is the more stylish personal finance manager application you could possibly imagine. It allows you to keep track of incomes and expenses, check balances and... Read More
BudgetPal major overhaul coming
No, don't worry your expenses are safe with BudgetPal,  but as soon as iOS8 releases get ready to a completely new experience which I hope will satisfy you even more. New icon, new workflow, new design, new logic. I am under so much right now I can't emphasise and describe the changes the proper way,... Read More
BudgetPal 1.8 now available
A new version of BudgetPal is now available on the App Store. It delivers a new icon to accommodate well in coming iOS7. Week view has been removed as requested by many users to leave free space in the navigation buttons. Hope you like it. Read More
BudgetPal 1.6 now available
A new version of BudgetPal is now available on the App Store! Here is a list of the changes: - Removed toolbar scrolling panel due to many requests from users - Added yearly archive view - Minor bug fixes Let me have your feedback as usual, enjoy! Read More
FPNumberPadView on GitHub
Ever thought it would be nice to have a custom keyboard for our iOS applications, rather than the default one? Well I did, and this time I decided go on and create the control. Developing it was much easier than I thought and I decided to make it public, publishing it on GitHub. The result is a... Read More
BudgetPal 1.5 now available
A new version of BudgetPal is now available on the App Store! This is a brand new version with a brand new graphic interface which I hope will please everyone as it pleases myself. It supports of course iPhone 5 and plus, it has been localized for Italian language and I am accepting translations in... Read More
BudgetPal ready for iOS 6 and iPhone 5
Am I running late to deliver the latest BudgetPal 1.5 update to support iOS 6 and iPhone 5? No, no, I will deliver it just in time. So you lucky owners of the newest device will tell me how does it feel to enter entries in BudgetPal with such a big display, at least until... Read More