Version 2.1 Posted 20 Jan, 2015

– New Stats view
– Bug fixing

Version 2.0 Posted 10 Jan, 2015

– Added today extension in Notification Center
– Added italian localisation
– Bug fixing

Version 1.9 Posted 12 Dec, 2014

– New icon
– Brand new redesign of the app for iOS8, everything has changed but the pleasant user experience

Version 1.8 Posted 10 Sep, 2013

– Brand new icon to accommodate well in coming iOS7
– Removed week view to free space as requested by many users

Version 1.7 Posted 15 Jan, 2013

– Minor bug fixes
– iTunes screenshots

Version 1.6 Posted 7 Jan, 2013

– Removed toolbar scrolling panel due to many requests from users
– Added yearly archive view – Minor bug fixes

Version 1.5 Posted 11 Oct, 2012

– iOS6 and iPhone5 compatibility upgrade
– Application icon and UI restyle
– Reverted to bar navigation and portrait only orientation due to requests from many users
– Added toolbar scrolling panel activated by navigation bar item and pull/release gesture
– Added yearly view in home
– Localised for Italian language
– Minor bug fixes

Version 1.4 Posted 4 Sep, 2012

– Major change moving from tabbar to side reveal menu to provide more functionalities, courtesy of PPRevealSideviewController by Paul Marian.

– Added custom page control on home view to better display home view scrolling, courtesy of StyledPageControl by Muh Hon Cheng.- Improved quick entries management with delete functionality to remove existing quick entries

– Added automatic database backup management, a backup file is saved every time the app resigns active,the user can specify the number of backup databases to keep (0, 5, 10, 20, 30) via the iPhone centralised Settings application and can delete, export and restore backups via a single tap

– Added badges in menu and view controllers, courtesy of TDBadgedCell by Tim Davies

Version 1.3 Posted 28 Jun, 2012

– Moved Settings to iPhone centralized settings
– Added Quick-Entries, predefined entries to enter quickly by just one tap
– Added Archive view to display a spreadsheet of all entries, courtesy of MDSpreadView project by Dimitri Buniol
– Added support to autorotation. Now all the screens but “Edit Entry” can be seen also in landscape mode
– Balances view can now be filtered as group of Expenses (-), Balances (=), Incomes (+) and can also be filter type
– Better display of repeat entries and their occurrences
– Simplified deletion of repeats
– Added Chronology view to easily distinguish past entries and future entries
– Added clear button when editing entry amount
– Faster response to touch, due to a redesign of internal database objects, with data consistency checks
– Centralised error messaging and improved design
– Fresh new design of alerts and action sheets, courtesy of BlockAlertsAnd-ActionSheets project by Gustavo Ambrozio

Version 1.2 Posted 18 Jan, 2012

– Added new database restore functionality from Mail
– Added export of all entries to CSV file
– Simplified and management of recurring entries integrated with badges and displayed in Notification Center when entere implementation of Balances view, grouped by year
– Fixed some missing data refresh
– Improved design
– Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1 Posted 1 Dec, 2011

Fixed a crash when adding new types of expenses/incomes and some missing background colors

Version 1.0 Posted 23 Nov, 2011

1st version