BudgetPal 2.0 is out there!

Here it comes, brand new re-design from scratch of one of our best applications out there, BudgetPal. Enjoy the iTunes video preview.


BudgetPal is the more stylish personal finance manager application you could possibly imagine. It allows you to keep track of incomes and expenses, check balances and overall aggregates. You can easily scroll the screen back and forth in time, by day, month and year, enjoying an elegant, pleasant and yet effective user experience.

Your privacy is our first concern as your data is stored locally on the device and backed up automatically at your disposal only, for exporting and restoring data capabilities.

Browse your entries by day, month and year grouped by types and subtypes. You can scroll back and forth with your finger. On the top of the screen you will see a summary of current expenses and incomes and the number of entries according to the selected time frame. You can navigate each group of entries and modify them if needed.

Enter a brand new entry choosing by expense or income and then organising it by type and subtype. You can specify whether the entry is recurring or whether it is a quick entry template to enter with a single tap. Great time-saver indeed.

Scroll through a list of all recent of future entries. Entries here are atomically displayed, grouped by occurring day. A calendar on top helps you scroll to the desired date.

Easily monitor your transactions in a glance through bars and line graphs showing monthly balances grouped by year. The default view shows balances but it is possible to see also display flows of incomes and expenses or incremental assets. You can scroll left or right to the previous or next year to easily compare yearly trends of your finances.

Access your data by a series of available tools: check configured repeating entries and the automatic backups the system took or you chose. Export backups and CSV files by e-mail to store them on other devices. Organise your entries differently by changing the structure of types and subtypes.

For the near future, expect iCloud support as optional choice, a widget for Notification Center, and an Apple Watch glance. And if you like BudgetPal, don’t forget to add a 5 stars review on the App Store!

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