BudgetPal 1.4 now available
A new version of BudgetPal is now available on the App Store, this is a major release including: Major change moving from tabbar to side reveal menu to provide more functionalities, courtesy of PPRevealSideviewController by Paul Marian. Added custom page control on home view to better display home view scrolling, courtesy of StyledPageControl by Muh... Read More
Testing BudgetPal 1.4 beta
Hello there, it's time for me to actually start my holidays and I can say it was time! Need to get away from this beloved Mac for some time and enjoy nature, sea, sun and my motorbike with my gf. But BudgetPal 1.4 beta will come with me on my iPhone, to be tested in... Read More
The mythical app month
Very funny and very true article about independent software development here. In The Mythical App Month, Shifty Jelly's blog of mystery puts down in words what seems to be a common misconception about software updates frequency: it has to be at least monthly otherwise people believe the app is dead. I liked a lot the general tone of... Read More
BudgetPal roadmap
So, what to expect by BudgetPal after v.1.3? Let me list here what is on my mind but as usual I am open to suggestions and feedback. First I would like to implement a way to have more than one account, in case people want to keep entries for themselves and someone else. Then, following the suggestion... Read More
BudgetPal 1.3 now available
A new version of BudgetPal is now available on the App Store, this is a major release including: Moved Settings to iPhone centralized settings. Added Quick-Entries, predefined entries to enter quickly by just one tap. Added Archive view to display a spreadsheet of all entries, courtesy of MDSpreadView project by Dimitri Bouniol. Added support to... Read More
That’s it.
Just completed my best and more complex - so far - application for the iOS App Store . Unfortunately due to NDA I can't tell you it's name. It has been very hard working on it for a couple of months, 15 hours a day - literally - and it ripped life and peace of mind off me... Read More
Xcode 4.3.2 instability. Is it just me?
Since a couple of weeks I am experiencing many crashes of the Xcode IDE, for whatever reason. I tried reinstalling, I tried rebooting I tried cleaning my projects, creating new ones, nothing worked. Besides, the Simulator is no longer usable, keeps longing while attaching to process...I am wondering if this is just me or the... Read More
Multiple -fno-objc-arc
Ever had to flag many files with the -fno-objc-arc flag to integrate them into an ARC enabled project? I did (and I do). What a pain when they were many. Finally I got onto this page and I have seen the light. The solution is to select multiple files, hit enter (not double-click), put in... Read More
Apple online support
Have you ever found yourself in need of software support from Apple? Maybe you didn't. Luckily Apple products are usually fine the way they come out of the box - a lot more than fine actually, we would not love them that much otherwise. Almost the same can be said for the Apple software, sometimes... Read More
BudgetPal 1.2 now available
A new version of BudgetPal is now available on the App Store, this is a major release including: Added new database restore functionality from Mail. Added export of all entries to CSV file. Simplified and improved management of recurring entries integrated with badges and displayed in Notification Center when entered. Better implementation of Balances view,... Read More