Let me introduce myself, my name is Fabrizio, I was born in Rome, Italy in 1970. My IT passion dates back to 1979 when I started playing with my Commodore VIC-20, followed by Commodore 64, then my parents’ IBM Personal System/2 and went all the way to nowadays. I became eventually an Apple fan, after many years of Linux addiction – loved compiling my binaries on my Gentoo box – and my mac and myself will live happily hereafter.

Education and work

My first degree was in Economics – yes, you read that right – at La Sapienza University of Rome, but the more I went ahead there the more I turned it into a mathematical and IT course, culminated in a final thesis in Financial Math with computer simulations run live in front of the board of – sleeping – professors. I started working in IT during my last year there and I never stopped since, covering  web development, UNIX administration, Linux development and database troubleshooting, for servers, desktops and mobile devices whilst spanning over a number of IT industries: public administration, finance, health and telecoms. In the meantime I also attended IT Engineering courses at Tor Vergata University of Rome to satisfy my need to have more academical grasp on what I was working onto and  for the same purpose I then attended Birkbeck MSc in Advanced Information Systems at the University of London – graduated with top mark and distinction. I then worked for almost 10 years as a technical support engineer in the telcos industry, at the same time  with an intense activity of development and consultancy for the mobile world, and finally focused only on the mobile application industry. I must say, I love what I do for a living.


When I started writing here I just wanted to share some news, tips, tutorials and applications linked with the iOS world. That’s where the name word-iOS-mouth came to my mind. I bet you guessed it, a word-of-mouth targeted mainly to iOS technology. But then – gladly – many other things happened, I started following more and more iOS projects, doing some part-time freelance work and I became more and more involved with the iOS platform. Hence the site is now a combination of a couple of purposes: a place to share iOS knowledge, a place to show up the work done, and getting more. I read a lot of stuff about the iOS world, on design, software, development or hardware. It comes natural to share that knowledge when the info is good no? But there are also many rumors around the Apple world. I frankly don’t care about those and won’t report them either. I can help you making your ideas become applications for iOS devices. We will have to go through all the phases, from feasibility to design, development, test and submission to the App Store, but building an idea into an iOS app has never been easier. Here I also feature some of the applications I developed. Check them out and, if you like, download them, they are available on the App Store. I write articles to purse a dual target, letting you know something I learnt and … store it. Code and technical stuff is prone to be forgotten. I also like to let people know when I get to read some interesting article or tutorial, and I try to do that here as well.


I have a lot less stuff than I would like to have. With this premise, everything that Apple produces has my complete attention, and sometimes it also gets my money. For work I use a Unibody 15-inches MacBook Pro. For entertainment I use a 32GB iPad 3rd generation which fits everywhere I lay. All around the house, network and backup capabilities are provided by a Time Capsule 2TB which gracefully matches the living room style. For everything – I would say for living, but sounds too dramatic – I use an iPhone 4, and I frankly don’t remember how life was before.


I pay a lot of attention in choosing my tools, but I love the few times when tools choose me, as is the case for Xcode when developing for iOS. For web development I use TextMate. I browse the internet with Safari. Version my code with Git and Github. Read my feeds with NetNewsWire. Chat through Adium. Move files with Cyberduck. Manage all my mail with Sparrow.
And of course there’s Dropbox.


If you want to ask for an advice, discuss a new project or receive support for an iOS application I developed you can mail me and I will try to fulfill your request.